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Subsea Mining

“A low-carbon future will be mineral intensive as clean energy technologies need more materials than fossil-fuel-based electricity generation technologies”

 – World Bank

“The transition to a more climate neutral economy is expected generate a doubling of installed wind power, 4 times as many solar parks and 40 times higher production of electric cars by 2030”


Sustainable Subsea Mining

Climate change present a fundamental, shared challenge to our industry and to our society. We are all contributors and we can make a difference.

At Seabed Solutions we do what we know best. We have the knowledge, the equipment and the experience to efficiently locate and extract seabed minerals and that is our contribution to a net-zero future.


Subsea Mining

Accellerating in the direction of a net-zero future

Minerals (including copper, zink and cobalt) are  a crucial enabler of the transition to a more climate neutral economy. We believe the society will succeed in the transition to a net-zero economy and deep sea mineral will play a crucial part in the success.

Clean energy technologies need more materials than fossil-fuel-based electricity generation technologies. A low carbon future will be more mineral intensive and making use of deep sea minerals is crucial to the future success. 


Greater concentrations

Deep Sea Minerals Deposits 

Due to the geological setting, deep-sea minerals depositions have greater concentrations compared to onshore deposits. 


Low Environmental Footprint

New technology for exploration and extraction

Deep sea mining of marine minerals on the Norwegian Continental Shelf will have minimal environmental impact utilizing new low carbon intensive technology and being governed by the well proven and bespoke Norwegian regulations relating to exploration and production of natural resources.

The best is onboard

Adepth Minerals

Together with our partner Adepth Minerals we are playing an important role in powering a broad-based structural transition to a more climate neutral economy by performing sustainable exploration and extraction of deep sea minerals required in the production of renewable energy.


Zero harm philiosophy

We are using highly specialized, state-of-the-art equipment for the exploration of deep sea minerals. Our zero-harm philosophy , strong environmental focus and our aim to minimize the direct seabed footprint makes us a preferred and trusted partner for companies developing renewable energy for the future.

You can read more about our zero-harm-philosophy on our Sustainability pages